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Fragmenteria Introduction from fragmenteria on Vimeo.

What is Fragmenteria?

Fragmenteria is a site where you can get paid for creating stories and puzzles that take place in the real world. It’s a new idea at the moment and not finished yet, but we thought we would let you start creating things so that there will be some useful things on it when we launch it.






Creating and publishing stories

All you need to do is register and then start writing. Create the story heading and then start adding fragments and gates. You can do this as much as you want until you publish. Once published a story can be archived but not edited in situ. This is in case someone is playing through that game and you inadvertently change things under their feet.

To change a story you copy it and then start editing the copy.

If you archive a story then new games cannot start but old ones can finish.


Once published, a story can be played by anyone who registers on the play site. What will probably happen (but doesn’t yet) is that the player sends a message to a premium SMS service and is charged for the message. The reply will contain the unlock code for that player. Unfortunately the SMS providers take half of the rate, so we may end up sharing 50p rather than £1.

Fragmenteria currently plans to take around 40% of whatever’s left after charges and pass the rest on to the creator. We still need to get advice on things like taxes and so on so this may change.

You can set the price to play your story through. If you become highly regarded by the players you will be able to charge more. The price cannot drop below £1 for the UK. International pricing has not been thought through but if you really want it we will resolve it for you.

Free play

If you represent, say, a Tourist Information Centre, and want to create a free game that visitors to your town can play to find out more then you can. We will charge a flat fee per new game, probably £1. Again we haven’t thought through international pricing.

Talk to the Keeper!!

There’s nothing stopping you creating scenarios where actors answer the questions for the players, obviously such a game would cost a little more, or involve volunteers. Have fun with this!